International Grenfell Association (IGA) Bursaries are awarded annually to graduating secondary and currently enrolled post-secondary students having graduated from high schools in area served by the Association. These awards, supported through annual grants, are given to students based primarily on financial need.  

Please be aware that the IGA does not fund Bursaries during paid work terms. If your program involves work term(s), the IGA will only award funding for those semesters considered “academic”.

Additionally, if you are awarded an IGA Bursary and do not continue with full-time schooling to be issued the second half of the award, then the second payment becomes forfeited (meaning a re-application is necessary if you return to school).

The IGA has now moved its bursary applications to an online process.

Please click the link below to create an account and apply for a bursary.



As this is a new process for applying for an IGA Bursary (starting this year), we have developed a tutorial to help guide you through the process.



Types of Bursaries

Awards will range from $2000, to $4000 and to $6000.

Amounts will be at the discretion of the IGA Bursary Committee

The IGA Bursary Committee also reserves one $4,000 Bursary for an adult student who is returning to full time post-secondary studies after being out of school for a period of five years or longer.

The application deadline for high school students is February 28.

The application deadline for post-secondary students is April 1.

Should a student awarded an IGA Bursary be waitlisted for a post-secondary program, please note that the IGA will consider holding an IGA Bursary only up to the January semester.

If a student is waitlisted longer than two academic semesters, he/she would have to re-apply for an IGA Bursary for consideration in the following year.

Please note that this program is only for the support of students who do not already have a post-secondary degree or diploma (and will not have one by the September semester within the year in which an application is made).