The Grant Application deadline for International Grenfell Association (IGA) grants beginning in late Spring 2022 is November 1, 2021

The IGA’s grant application process is online, with a link to this process available under the page banner ‘Grants.’

You can also access the link directly at:


IGA’s priorities for 2021 are aligned with key concepts of its own Strategic Plan, as follows:


Support for Quality Health


  • to support initiatives leading to healthy life styles and maintenance of good health.
  • to support healthy youth initiatives such as recreation, safe sex, drug and alcohol prevention and anti-bullying.
  • to support counselling mental health, career guidance and family issues.
  • to support initiatives related to elderly care and an aging population.
  • to support ad-hoc initiatives related to chronic health issues such as; diabetes, obesity and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)     and other areas of focus identified by Labrador Grenfell Health, as well as the Department of Health and Community Services.
  • to strengthen engagement with Labrador Grenfell Health.
  • to support programs that will improve our ability to measure quality health care.


Support for Quality Education


  • to continue refinement of bursary support to students with most financial need
  • to support initiatives that promote child, adult and family learning
  • to support innovative educational ideas as pilot projects that may evolve to other schools.
  • to encourage proposals from education complementary to other IGA strategic areas such as healthy living.
  • to support education proposals in youth leadership.
  • to solicit more proposals from schools/communities with greatest need.


Support for Community Wellness


  • to support proposals that promote community pride and belonging while also encouraging healthy living, recreation and physical fitness.
  • to encourage and support proposals that promote community sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  • where possible, to establish commencement and completion of community based projects to fit within a twelve month timeframe.
  • to support initiatives that develop youth leadership and confidence in younger residents of the IGA region.


Support for Arts and Culture


  • to support all arts and cultural disciplines, including music, dance, theatre, visual arts and new media.
  • to support traditional skills such as story-telling, crafts, music and other cultural values.
  • to support cultural revitalization, particularly that links to community wellness, economic enterprise and sustainability.
  • to support community activities leading to artistic development.
  • to support transfer of cultural knowledge (i.e. seniors to youth).
  • establish support linkages with reputable community and regional arts and culture agencies that are affiliated with the Grenfell region (i.e. Grenfell Historical  Society, The Rooms-Provincial Archives, Labrador Creative Arts Festival, etc.).
  • to ensure that approved proposals adhere to cultural sensitivity and are ethically sound.


Support for Research


  •  to support local research initiatives leading to evidence based decision making in areas of IGA support, including demographic information related to the IGA region.
  • to ensure research is endorsed by local agencies and, where applicable, in partnership with and in respect of indigenous research processes.
  • to leverage additional research funding, wherever possible.
  • to ensure that supported research – especially medical –  has validity, reliability and relevance to the Grenfell region and IGA’s overall objectives, core values  and principles.
  • to commission research (as deemed appropriate) within the IGA’s strategic interests, particularly that is locally identified and promoted.
  • research support will be provided, where possible, through Memorial University and other local reputable institutions/agencies.



Applications in the past several years have well exceeded the available funding of the IGA. This means that the application process and selection is highly competitive, bearing this in mind, applications will be viewed more favorably if:

  • They are well thought out and  well composed.
  • All questions on the IGA Application Form are completed.
  • Explanatory details are provided (especially in the project description portion of the application).
  • Evidence of seeking other funding sources is provided.
  • Community commitment is provided where appropriate.
  • Budget and financial disclosures are full and complete.
  • There is a major direct benefit to the IGA region to be derived from the project.
  • There is direct evidence of measurable outcomes.
  • Letters of support where applicable.


The IGA Board of Directors looks forward to reviewing all applications in support of the people of the Northern Peninsula, Central and Coastal Labrador.

Final decisions on all applications are to be made at the next IGA Board meeting, to be held in late April, 2022.

Notifications on decisions of grant applications will be issued shortly thereafter.

Please note that the grant you are applying for cannot begin with IGA funding before June, 2022.


For more information contact the IGA Office:

Ph: (709) 745-6162

Email: [email protected]