2017  IGA Grant Program

Grant Application deadline is November 1, 2016.
Application forms and guidelines for applicants are available from:

Mr. Paul Canning
Administrator – I.G.A.
81 Kenmount Road, 2nd Floor
St. John’s, NL
A1B 3P8
Ph: (709) 745-6162
Email: [email protected]

I.G.A.’s priorities for 2017 are fundamentally unchanged from last year, and are aligned with key concepts of its own Strategic Plan, as follows:

1. Support for Quality Health


a) to support initiatives leading to healthy life styles and maintenance of good health.
b) to support healthy youth initiatives such as recreation, safe sex, drug and alcohol prevention and non-bullying.
c) to support counselling – mental health, career guidance and family issues.
d) to support initiatives related to elderly care and an aging population.
e) to support ad-hoc initiatives related to chronic health issues such as; diabetes, obesity and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

2. Support for Quality Education


a) to continue refinement of bursary support to students with most financial need.
b) to support initiatives that promote child, adult and family learning
c) to support innovative educational ideas as pilot projects that may evolve to other schools.
d) to encourage proposals from education complementary to other IGA strategic areas such as healthy living.
e) to support proposals in youth leadership.
f) to solicit more proposals from schools/communities with greatest need.

3. Support for Community Wellness


a) to support proposals that promote community pride and belonging while also encouraging healthy living, recreation and physical fitness, youth and life skills programming.
b) to support proposals related to traditional skills such as story-telling, music, crafts and others with cultural values.
c) to encourage and support proposals that promote community sustainability.
d) to improve commencement and completion of community based projects to fit within a twelve month timeframe.


Applications in the past several years have exceeded the grant money available by a factor of two or three times. Applications will be viewed more favorably if:
– All questions on the IGA Application Form are completed.
– Explanatory details are provided.
– Evidence of seeking other funding sources is provided.
– Community commitment is provided where appropriate.
– Budget and financial disclosures are full and complete.
– There is a major community benefit to be derived from the project.
– There is direct evidence of measurable outcomes.

The IGA Board of Directors looks forward to reviewing all applications in support of the people of the Northern Peninsula, Central and Coastal Labrador.
Final decisions on all applications are to be made at the I.G.A. Board meeting, to be held in April, 2017.
I.G.A. also requests that applications NOT be faxed, but postmarked or emailed (in .pdf format) prior to the deadline.
Under no circumstances can late applications be accepted.