My name is Samantha Ollerhead and I’m the new intern here at IGA. I’m 21 years old and grew up on the Northern Peninsula, in the town of Main Brook. I attended school there at Mary Simms All Grade, which only consisted of 30 students from kindergarten to grade twelve. During my time there I participated in various clubs and activities, such as a member of the student council,  mathletes team, bridge building team, and various sports teams such as cross country running and my favorite sport, volleyball. Since the school is so small, it was actually required that I play on the senior boys’ volleyball team where I subsequently became team captain in my senior year of school. I graduated in 2014 as co-valedictorian.

After graduation, I attended Memorial University. Originally, I applied to complete a degree in engineering, however after completing one semester I realized that it wasn’t a good fit for me, and decided to pursue a different program. After exploring a few different options, I decided that a degree in business is something I wanted to pursue. I am now currently completing my bachelors of commerce, and expect to graduate in 2020.

Throughout my life I’ve had a variety of work and volunteer experiences. I have volunteered with many of the organizations around my hometown, such as the family resource center, aiding in town events, and fundraising for charities. I’ve worked a few jobs, but by far my most rewarding work experience was working with the town of Main Brook for three summers after high school. This allowed me to get to know my town on a better level than an average resident, because I got to experience activities that allowed the town to function, such as maintenance and fundraisers for town necessities. It also allowed me to interact with the town members daily, which was an enjoyable experience.

I look forward to learning more at this work term and am excited to be involved in something that affects my community and region positively.