Recently, the IGA funded a project from Hope Air entitled “Flights of Hope: St. Anthony”. Hope Air is a Canadian charity that arranges free medical flights for people who must travel far from home to access healthcare. These flights from St. Anthony allow patients from the IGA region to receive medical care and treatment for various disorders (cancer, heart problems, etc.).

With their IGA grant, Hope Air was able to provide funding for 22 flights in 2020.

In the first few months of 2021, Hope Air has also been able to arrange another 18 flights made possible with IGA financial support.

These flights allowed 12 patients from the IGA region to receive treatment for cardiovascular disorders, sleep disorders, nervous system disorders, injuries, and cancer.

Having to pay for travel to receive medical care is a burden on those already dealing with so much. Without this assistance, many of these patients would have to either cancel or postpone their appointment, travel 8-12 hours each way to access their medical care, or possibly incur debt to purchase air travel.

The IGA is extremely proud to be affiliated with Hope Air and this project, and wishes everyone involved the very best of health!